Haunted House

by Phil Weitzman

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released October 29, 2014

All songs written and performed by Phil Weitzman.
Recorded and produced by Ian Gallagher and Phil Weitzman in Brooklyn.
Bass guitar on Haunted House and March Against Death by Cullen Gallagher.
Mixed and mastered by Jake Perrine, www.jakeperrine.com.
Design and Layout by Aiwen Wang-Huddleston.
All songs and performances copyright Phil Weitzman.



all rights reserved


Phil Weitzman Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Haunted House
This haunted house is crazy,
This shit is really freaking me out
Yeah, I paid my token,
Can I pay now to forget what it was all about?
Each velvet rope and curtain frames a creepy display,
I don’t wanna look but once I start I can’t look away,

Now pull the certain back, take a peak, at this fearsome new attraction, tell me your reaction, tell me what you see.

The man with the scissors for a tongue is leaning in for a kiss
The immortal woman just sits and rides her toy train set
Each butterfly preserved inside this book contains a human soul
They’ve got eyes on their wings, when they look at me I start to feel cold

Now I’m in a white room, with shelves up to infinity
Each shelf contains a gradient of color, and all of them are starting to bleed
Each color is a doorway labeled ‘Beware, for if it’s me you choose
You’ll never see behind the others, you’ll have to live with what you will lose.’

Now pull the certain back, take a peak, at this fearsome new attraction tell me you reaction tell me what you see.

I’m walking down a passageway that winds and winds
Signs point the way, reading ‘Terror At The End of the Line,’
Past the pin-up wall of spiders and the head in a jar,
Past the fingers poking out from the holes in the wall and the floor

Now I’ve finally made it
The attendants are waiting
They put their hands on the curtain
Yes, I want to see, I am certain

Now they pull the curtain back, I can’t breathe, can it be?, I don’t wanna believe,
The attraction is: ME.
Track Name: March Against Death
Won’t you join us in the March Against Death?
Cause it’s getting to be that time.
The science has arrived.
When we can all
Begin to clone ourselves
And harvest the organs.
Won’t you join us in this worthiest cause,
Cause the science will provide us
With eternal life.
And we can clone
Every body part
And transplant ourselves to the future, forever.
What if the clones all decay?
What if we run out of organs from clones?
Mind if we borrow a few spare parts from you?
Track Name: What's Your Name?
What’s your name?
Where are you from?
Why are your clothes on wrong?
Why’s your skin so pale?
What brings you to this empty house,
which I have found exploring in the night?

Why are you silent?
What took your voice?
Why don’t you move?
But stand in the doorway.
What happened here?
Track Name: We Won
A vision entered in a dream
All the departed, gathered up for us to see,
They said, “Hey,
If you want a better life,
Follow our advice,
Honor us tonight,
And you will receive, all this:
Cattle, Money, Jewels, Toys, Weapons, Science, Industry,
Power, Peace, War, Treats, Your Every Destiny,
You’ll defeat your enemies,
With a flick of our hands,
Everything you need and want,
When the dead return again”
Sacrificing didn’t work out like we planned
In the beginning, we waited
We were starving by the end.
The dead did never come
Instead of them to us
We all went to them
But on the other side,
Now we have it like they said:
Cattle, Money, Jewels, Toys, Weapons, Science, Industry,
Power, Peace, War, Treats, Our Every Destiny,
I admit it’s a little empty,
When you’re living like a ghost,
Your hands of air own everything,
But there’s nothing you can hold
But now I’m on the other side,
So I know we won.
Join me on the other side,
So you’ll know we won.